A Resolution Free 2018 (?!)





Raise your hand if you’ve ever kept your New Years Resolution? Yeah, my hand is still down, too. In fact, I can’t even recall a single resolution I’ve ever made. Here's what bums me out about the concept of resolutions: why do we need a new year to make a new change? We don’t. New Years Resolutions feel like an excuse to enjoy bad habits or behaviors we don’t actually desire for more time since we’ll ‘restart’ in the new year. If your gut is whining about something, take action to make an improvement, regardless of the time of year. *Trips while stepping off soapbox.*

Although I don’t love a NY resolution, I do really enjoy a challenge. One that has set boundaries works fairly well for me and I always have the most energy on a project in the very beginning, so something that lasts all year seems too blasé. So, instead of making a resolution (because we can change whatever we want whenever we want to, right?!), I’d like to tackle a new project, concept, or goal each month in 2018. 

Starting with, drumroll please...

Dry January. 

Wah wah. 

Yeah yeah, super lame, boring, and very unoriginal. However, I simply don’t feel well. Are you enjoying dry January, too? Read on for an incredible NA bevy by my bestie Jamie of So Happy You Liked It modified for me. And yes, you can absolutely add the A if you so chose.

My holiday eating was relatively controlled. I definitely don’t allow myself to feel guilt for eating 1-4 cookies; if I choose to eat it, I make sure I enjoy it and move on. No time to waste energy and whine (or wine). 

For years, I did Whole Living's Action Plan every January. Eliminating dairy, sugar, caffeine, wheat, corn, soy, alcohol, fun, and joy taught me I had some serious tummy troubles due to the foods I was eating. At the end of the detox, I felt different. Better. Whole. I decided to completely eliminate 3 foods that caused me more pain than they were worth: dairy (I love cheese), soy (which is a sneaky filler in many processed foods), and wheat (whatever, plenty of great substitutes on the market).

Oddly enough, these food-related issues went away completely when I left the USA. Strange? Probably not...I have a lot of questions about how we grow, source, process, package, distribute, and consume food in America. More on that another day.

Thankfully, I’ve learned a much more balanced diet works best for me, allowing me to enjoy the foods I love (like French bread or cheese -or- French bread AND cheese) in moderation while not making my stomach hate me (or me hate my stomach). I eat whatever I want, whenever I want to and I simply feel better. If I have diary at breakfast, that's enough for the day. Heavy lunch? I'll shoot for brown rice and a lean protein with veg for dinner. When I feel better, I look better. And when I look better, I feel better. Which is really all that matters. 

Speaking of feeling GREAT: I do love me a big ol' glass of wine (um, that triad of wine-in-hand-photos by Ivy Christina Photography really make sense now, eh?). And, bless my heart, as I’ve... um... aged... I’ve definitely noticed a major issue with my favorite grape byproduct: 

I don’t sleepI toss and turn all night; I wake up anxious with a racing mind. Which of course makes me groggy all day. It’s not the hangover of my youth, where an extra hour of sleep, a few Advil, and a sugary OJ did the trick. And this fog sets in regardless of my consumption level (see ya, HH glass of vino). So, dry January it is. 

Here's my plan:

Continue to enjoy social time with friends and family, even at the bar. We live in a bustling neighborhood and are surrounded by some of the best venues (and pals!) walking distance every night of the week. I refuse a hermit lifestyle. 

No exceptions. Dry means dry.

Tuck the savings into, you guessed it: SAVINGS.

Reassess Feb 1. 


It won’t be easy. I will likely become frustrated and annoyed. I may even cry?!

I will feel much better and sleep more soundly.

I’ll save upwards of $200. Easy. 

I’ll want a large pour of bubbly on the stroke of midnight Feb 1.

Have I basically set a resolution for myself? Well, maybe. Kind of. But I don't think of it like that. Each month I'll pick something new to focus on. A lovely little challenge. And maybe I'll just continue that focus forever: I'll enjoy the burst of energy with something. I'll probably learn a lot of things. I'll challenge myself.

I'm exhausted already!

As promised, below is Jamie's so yummy Green Juice recipe, sans alcohol. Feel free to hop over to her blog to find the adult version. There's tequila in the original.

NA Green Juice Spritzer:

Serves 4

  • 1 cup spinach,

  • 1 small English cucumber (or a 5 inch section)

  • 1 stalk celery, trimmed

  • 1 green apple

  • 1/2 cup chopped pineapple

  • 1 grapefruit, skin removed

  • 1 orange, skin removed

  • 1 inch piece ginger

  • Splash of cucumber soda water


Juice all ingredients in a juicer (I like to add a bit more ginger or sub kale for the spinach). Divide into ice-filled glasses. Top with a splash of soda. Sip and ENJOY. 

Zip on over to Instagram and tell me: what are your thoughts on NY Resolutions? What other fun challenges should I get myself into in 2018? 

Cheers to the New Year!!



Did you know I'm doing a new focus every month in 2019? Head over to Instagram to learn about each month's focus. Read more on why I choose monthly focuses instead of resolutions in this blog post.


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