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Create, Curate, and Captivate
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Hey there!

I'm a corporate dropout spending my days with my husband doing what makes my heart full. I spent 2 years on an unbelievable trip hauling my backpack around the world, learning about new cultures and experiencing things I never could have imagined. I explored 39 countries, which undoubtedly changed my life perspective. I am currently nurturing my businesses to allow me to continue my passions of a semi-nomadic lifestyle. 

I love helping others realize their goals; listening, leading, supporting, cheering, creating. I don't think there's only one way to do it. The Merry Hour is one of my favorite ways to bring women together in a network of love and support. A perfect night of "RA! RA!" cheerleading. Better together, right? 

I founded ThisFem to promote positive conversations about equality. We use high-quality apparel as a tool to share this mission, and weekly you can find me packing and shipping locally made merch from my home.

Most of my work day, I get to hang out with extremely driven and passionate business owners who think big and crave some support to skyrocket their dreams. I develop visual identities and brands, curate a creative strategy, and play creative director for business owners and creatives who are ready to capture and captivate their ideal client. I absolutely love my job.

I'm always trying something new; my husband and I purchased our first home, a triplex in NE Mpls that we're living in, renting out, and renovating (I story tell all about #chateauschultz on Instagram!). I have more projects started than finished, and that's ok with me. I've always had big dreams and lofty goals, and I practice self-forgiveness to learn and move on from my inevitable mistakes. I'm a Libra, so balance is my never ending aspiration.